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  • Research Driven Formulas (We’ve personally made over 2000 TikTok videos)
  • Millions of views 
  • Affordable for all business sizes

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tiktok marketing agency

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What makes a customer choose one company over another?

Authority does.

TikTok helps you build this authority by constantly getting in front of your dream customers.

By answering their key questions and objections, creating relatable, entertaining or helpful content, you can win their trust.

Every customer needs a trust level of 10/10 before buying from you. TikTok helps build this score FOR FREE.

Getting this outcome via paid ads would normally cost THOUSANDS!

our simple 3 step

organic mastery system

step 1

customer journey mastery

We set you up with a dedicated account manager who will collect key information to develop a proven dynamic offer for your market along with optional branding and most importantly, a conversion rate optimised website.  

step 2

marketing mastery

We use proven and quick to work formulas to get results fast. We develop a content plan and work closely with you to take over your industry! All content can be used in on IG reels and YouTube shorts also. 

step 3

sales mastery

This part is the biggest and most important part to turning your results into a reality. We’ll transform your sales process and convert sales at a very high rate, along with giving you powerful follow-up sequences possible. 

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why businesses are using tiktok

tiktok case studies (So far)

200 to 10,000+ followers in only 10 days (27k total)

Automotive > drifting

95,000+ followers on TikTok

Automotive > Personal Brand

5000+ member car community created

Hyper targeted community