looking for a startup marketing agency? do this instead...

  • Use a plug-in growth expert
  • Access CMO level expertise 
  • At a fraction of the price
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Startups go broke here's why...

As a startup, budget allocation needs to be smart and your risk needs to be low. You can't afford to make a bad hire and have your company go the ground because of it. You worked hard, you've probably spent unhuman types of hours to get where you are. Don't mess it up. Instead use a plugin growth expert. It's like hiring to level marketing expert but at a super affordable cost with 10x less risk.

we use proven to work marketing to grow you on the biggest platforms

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this opportunity is absolutely insane!

What makes a customer choose one company over another?

Authority does.

TikTok helps you build this authority by constantly getting in front of your dream customers.

By answering their key questions and objections, creating relatable, entertaining or helpful content, you can win their trust.

Every customer needs a trust level of 10/10 before buying from you. TikTik helps build this score FOR FREE.

Getting this outcome via paid ads would normally cost THOUSANDS!

our simple 3 step

growth mastery system

step 1

customer journey mastery

We set you up with a dedicated account manager who will collect key information to develop a proven dynamic offer for your market along with optional branding and most importantly, a conversion rate optimised website.  

step 2

marketing mastery

We use proven and quick to work formulas to get your results fast. Less testing needed, less ad dollars wasted. We also optimise and coach your TikTok to work in-line with your Meta ads. 

step 3

sales mastery

This part is the biggest and most important part to turning your results into a reality. We’ll transform your sales process and convert sales at a very high rate, along with giving you powerful follow-up sequences possible. 

Why you need this for your startup

case studies

23,000+ local app installs during covid-19

Startup > App company

4x ROI selling courses through meta ads

Startup > Education

followers within months

Startup > Automotive Influencer

6000+ local niche followers

Startup > Automotive community

have a question about using our startup marketing agency?

How much does a startup marketing agency cost?

Startup marketing agencies use different pricing techniques. You also need to be cautious of some UK advertising agencies who give out prices before actually assessing your specific situation. 

An honest startup agency would assess you and then suggest an affordable monthly plan that would meet your KPI’s properly. 

Ad agencies often make the mistake of charging a startup too much of a monthly retainer which results in the overheads outweighing any ROI. 

Let’s show you an example of this bad practice in action.

if your startup has an ad spend of £5,000 per month, but the agency includes a retainer fee of £3,000 per month, this means you’ll have less than £2000 to work with in ad spend.

This makes it very hard to create an ROI seeing as the ad agency’s management fee kills the profitability. 

So again, make sure you sit down with your startup agency and actually get the numbers to make sense and also account for VAT. 

My startup can no longer make an ROI on Facebook

This can be for a good few reasons. Resetting your structure, testing new audiences, and excluding people who already know about you can be a quick fix. Ads can also burn your audience out, so checking their frequency is often a good thing to do. As a marketing agency for startups, its our duty to deep dive into this for our clients and truly determine why you’re having ROI problems. 

When do I get my results?

It depends on your budget and previous advertising activities it can generally take us 1 to 4 weeks. We hyper-test everything and make sure the machine gets running smoothly as quickly as possible. 

How do I get started?

Book a chat below and if we’re a good fit we’ll offer you a plan. Once accepted we’ll onboard you quickly and will show you a roadmap of everything. This helps us track every single activity needed to get you to where your business needs to be. 

Do you help UK Startups?

We do indeed! We’re a marketing agency for startups in the UK and anywhere else that a human can use a computer!

Do you use ad manager?

Correct, our advertising agency uses ad manager 100% of the time. We’ll never use boosted posts. 

Do you install pixels?

We cover this if your website is built on WordPress, wix or shopify. If built on anything else we can’t guarantee a successful installation. 

Are you a Meta ad agency?

We are indeed a meta advertising agency! This means we do PPC for Facebook & Instagram. When you use Instagram paid ads, you can take advantage of even more reach. 

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