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Everything our social media marketing experts do to grow your brand is value driven, we use powerful content marketing and advertising to turn a “No” into a “Yes”. 

social media marketing experts

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social media marketing experts

The Science of Good Social Media Marketing

If you're thinking of hiring social media marketing experts, should be powerful in the following areas...

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🧪 Value Driven
🧪 Storytelling
🧪 Properly Managed
🧪 Video & Visual Heavy
🧪 Content Bank Built

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🧪 Copywriting for stage of journey

🧪 Good PR

🧪 Researched Hooklines

🧪 Clear CTA's

🧪 Valuable or WOW Offers

🧪 Promos & Collaboration

🧪 Automated Selling

🧪 Data Collecting

social media marketing company

🧪 Brand Colors

🧪 Topic Relevant Image

🧪 Professional Design & Typeface

🧪 Powerful Video content 

social media marketing experts

why you need social media marketing services

  • 3 Billion+ people use social media

  • People spend 2 hours 22 minutes per day on social media 

  • 81% of SMB’s have social media accounts 

  • 68% of people in the USA use social media platforms to get news, 43% being Facebook

  • 72% of people using instagram say they buy products after seeing them on the app

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Social Media gives you lots of ways to get free traffic, these are from areas such as organic keyword rankings, hashtags, suggested videos, shares and more!

Your follower traffic is warmer and closer to becoming a sale seeing as they're already familiar with your brand. They can also share and introduce your brand to their friends which instantly creates a powerful amount of trust. A key ingredient for getting sales.

Respond to reviews, address customer issues, and resolve customers' problems where it suits them best. It has never been easier to control your reputation!

Rapidly test new concepts and gain insights to reduce customer friction and uncertainty. Insights can be collected from polls, split testing, quick feedback from followers, competitors, and more! This is by far one of the biggest benefits of social media marketing. Research normally costs 1000's!

Provide support (or even automate it) while at the same time, providing an overall better job making your customers more loyal to your brand. This includes having activities in place which aim at getting customers to engage and invite more people to discover your brand. 


the 3 circles of going viral

every brands dream

social media marketing experts
Everyone has these

These people are your loyal followers. They will most likely support what ever you do by sharing and supporting your content

social media marketing experts
Your content normally goes this far

This is where your follower shares your content with a friend. Their friends probably see your content on a regular basis but aren't amazed or appealed to enough to actually share your content

social media marketing experts
This is Where You Go Viral

This is the public, aka "Friends of the people in circle 2" to reach these people, your content needs to be very shareable. Luck isn't always involved. There's an entire formula to creating content like this. This circle needs to be activated to see growth. Once isn't enough, that PR post or news feature needs to happen more than once!

The Biggest Benefits of Social Media Marketing in a Nutshell

Next Steps

Data Driven Research

Data Driven Research

Will look at your business, ask you some questions and go on our merry way to researching your industry inside and out. To develop an effective content calendar.



This is where we report back to you with our super cool findings. While we won't find bigfoot, we'll definitely find something just as worthy of being shared!

Ready To Go!

Ready To Go!

Once we're happy with how our plan looks, and make any adjustments needed, we're ready to roll! We will also review and report on our performance every month.

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