The Best Online Ordering system to Grow Your Sales

✔️ 149 per month and that’s it, no nonsense!

✔️ 0% Commission

✔️ Superfast Ordering

✔️ Worldwide support

0% Commission

Pay a flat rate of €149 per month and get FREE unlimited online ordering, say goodbye to those unfair commission rates once and for all!

keep just eat and deliveroo

You will still be able to take orders from any third party systems you may use.

no down time!

Keep your JustEat, Deliveroo or any other restaurant online ordering software you use!

connects to tills

Orders that come through your restaurants online ordering system will connects to your tills, the same way everything else does.

easy to manage

Our online ordering system was designed by people like you! People who want to manage their orders with a simple interface that anybody can pick up and use!

reliable support

Menuu (Your online ordering system solution) provides 365 live food order support, 24/7 monitoring with notification triggers, and support via phone, email and whatsapp.

Your Brain Can Process menus with pictures 60,000 times faster

10 %
and even 90% of your current customers use a third party ordering system to buy from you. You could sell to these customers with our own ordering system and eliminate commission!

What's the Process?


We will set up your restaurant menu ordering system quickly, while also adding in your menu items for you!

business as usual

Installing your new food ordering system causes ZERO downtime, and won’t affect your orders whatsoever. 

profit rolls in

Your increased orders + the money we’ll save you on commission means you’ll have lots of money left to play with!


✔️ 0% commission

✔️ Cheap to get started Only 149 Per Month

✔️ No commission, honest fees

✔️ 365 Support + Text Support

✔️ Built for mobile, no app needed

✔️ Access to valuable, profitable data

✔️ Advanced customization

✔️ The best visual interface, designed to sell

✔️Suitable for all business sizes

✔️ User-friendly web design


❌ 15% to 30% commission per order

❌ High starting fee

❌ 1000’s per month

❌ Commission and sneaky fees

❌ Poor, unresponsive Support

❌ Complicated apps, causing customer dropoffs

❌ Limited or even no access to customer data

❌ Basic customization

❌ Text-heavy interface, resulting in loss of customers

❌ Only cares about big spenders

❌ Poor restaurant web design causing loss of sales


Each plan has a 149 monthly subscription fee

(This still works out more cost-effective than anybody on the market)

Restaurant Web Design Pricing

Ordering Basic

199/ Installation Fee

Ordering Plus

399/ Installation Fee

Ordering Ultimate

599/ Installation Fee

Menu Configuration
Install to Current Website
Migration From Previous Ordering System
365 Support
Analytics Setup
FREE Logo (Worth €100)
Flyer & Social Media Posts
3 Web Pages
5 Web Pages
1 Month of FREE Digital Marketing (Worth €1000)

Marketing at its best!

Supports any country and also any international requirements you may have.

Create highly customisable promo codes with control to set any rule you like. Such as how much someone should spend to get the code. Along with the ability to set limits on its use and also limits on what products the code will be for, and even more!

We give you powerful, proven to work tools that makes a customer order from you more frequently, while also increasing how much they spend. Think of it, if your customer spends €50 per month with you. Their value over 1 year would be €600. Our tools will help you increase this number greatly!

When a customer is checking out, they're in "spending mode". This is the perfect opportunity to sell them more products. Our ordering system does this just perfectly 🙂

Set your own delivery zones and charge a unique fee for each of these zones! This allows you to sell to people who haven't discovered your brand yet!


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