team members

Meet the people behind the magic!

Stephen Stewart

founder & head of performance

Stephen holds a BSc in Digital Business, Technology & Design, and a Postgrad Diploma in Digital Marketing. 

Experience includes working in digital agencies with strong points in eCommerce, lead gen, and software selling.

Stephen also likes planning and creating really attractive websites, reducing costs for companies, increasing ROI, and making customer journeys smoother than butter!

Brigita (Bree) Neniute

Digital Marketing Executive & Graphic designer

Bree holds multiple certifications in design and marketing. 

Her design skills are extremely strong, and being organised is her middle name. 

When Bree isn’t working away and creating award-winning material for clients, she likes gaming and watching anime.

She also really likes pets, so if you have any, its best to hide them while you can :/

read this too please!

So that was an overview of our staff and their backgrounds. While we’re not a huge army of marketers with a super large hiring budget. We still do one thing very well, and that’s work hard while using the right techniques to deliver the right results.

We don’t need a fancy office, pool tables, expensive coffee machines, or any fluff to impress people. Why? because our results are the only thing we focus on. 

Our results are what we impress people with.

If you’re looking for a flashy, traditional marketing agency with a big status to look good in a newspaper article with. We’re not the right fit for you. 

Now if you’re looking for a 100% online-focused ROI agency… Let’s talk!