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Your entire way of learning is about to change in the next few minutes...

Experts use the following two methods to learn rapidly and efficiently 

– Structure & Process

– Learning hacks

When you apply these two principles to your learning routine. You’re on a strong path to learning success!

Please keep in mind, the structure you’re about to hear wasn’t handed to us by the “gods of learning”. 

However, it’s proven to help knowledge stick, while at the same time… 

Giving you key the ability to apply what you learn, so you can achieve experience in your field of study. 

Good News: This guide to learning hacks will be updated every few weeks (Bookmark this page for now). A free downloadable eBook version will be also coming soon for this. 

ok, Let's Get to the Learning Hacks!

Learning Hack #1: Setting Knowledge Goals

learning hacks

Just like a business, setting CLEAR GOALS for what you want to achieve is the first step to take in your journey to mastering the knowledge of a subject. 


Once you have your clear goals set, you’ll be amazed how the mind programs itself to work things out. In this post, you’re going to learn how to use your internal (mind and mental techniques) and external (resources) to RAPIDLY learn anything you want.


Here’s some real life examples of knowledge goals (From our company founder, Stephen Stewart).


✔️ How to close more sales

✔️ How to master marketing and advertising

✔️ How to grow your app userbase

✔️ How to become a great leader/manager

✔️ How can I master website design


Exercise time: Write down 1-3 things you want to learn. There’s no right way of doing this. Do whatever is easiest for you to work with. 

The more you complicate it, the more annoying it will be when you go back to it. 


Make it easy and quick to understand, so on a tough/busy day, you can make sense of everything straight away without saying “How does this all work again!?


We suggest to just use a Google Sheet. At least this way, you can edit and review from any device your google account is signed in on. This is a learning hack within itself! 

Learning Hack #2: The Right Tools

learning hacks

Don’t be fixated on college and courses. Yes they work, and yes they can be presented more tidy than a book would be. 

But not everybody has the money to spend on this format of learning. Not to mention how limited a course or college program can be, what happens if it doesn’t cover everything you want to learn? 

Sure it might cover some interesting bits. But do you really want to waste that extra bit of time educating yourself with 20% of irrelevant subjects? 20% of a course can take up weeks/months of your valuable time. 

At least with books, you can specifically target every piece of knowledge you want to acquire. 

Plus, books are pure raw, tell insightful stories, and really put you into the perspectives of people who spend lots of money to acquire the experience they share in their books. Their mistakes and experience shared will save you endless amounts of money. 


Here are the best tools for learning quickly


🔧 Books read by the most successful people in your field

🔧 Amazon bestsellers

🔧 Blogs/Google searches related to specific problems within your niche (This is amazing, as college even fails to solve ultra-specific problems)

🔧 YouTubers/Authority leaders

🔧 Mastermind groups (Facebook & discord groups)

🔧 Networking


There’s definitely more, but these are just some of the most powerful ways to quickly learn about something.



Learning Hack #3: Revise & Apply

burst learning

✔️ Make a folder on Google Drive with a document for books you read, subjects you study. Structure your folders and notes whichever way is easiest for you to quickly access everything. Having an easy to remember structure also helps greatly!


✔️ Write out as many notes as you can about each thing you want to learn. Review every few weeks with a quick speed read. You’ll then begin to notice the information sticking much better! 


✔️ You probably won’t be able to apply everything you learn in your job or current activities off the bat, that’s why it’s now your job to create a way to apply what you’ve just learned, don’t wait for an opportunity to happen, make one! 


✔️ One way of doing this is by making content about it, you don’t need to attain 100% mastery on something to talk about it to people. 

As long as you know more about the subject than some people, then you’re good to go. Just make sure you’re accurate with your facts, and please don’t position yourself as an expert or a “Guru” who’s done it all, if you’re just starting out. 


Instead, position yourself as somebody who’s on a journey alongside their audience to find and share new knowledge! 


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More Learning Hacks!

learning in chunks

chunking information

#1: Learn in short bursts. This has lots of names including, Learning in chunks, burst learning, chunking information… Look it’s all the same thing at the end of the day. 

How do you use “Chunking”? 

It’s simple, just dedicate 30 to 50 minutes to learning new material. This is the hot zone for learning. 

Once you complete round one of your chunking. Take a 10min break and start all over again. 


chunking information #2: Use mental spacing, this means you need to give yourself time to learn a new subject. Compare your mind to your lawn, now you wouldn’t make the mistake of watering your lawn too many times in a week, would you? 

Space your learning out and constantly revise every few days. When you learn over long intervals, it sends a stronger signal to your brain and retains information better.  


chunking information #3: Remember the mood you were in! This, along with remembering the senses that were getting triggered during your process of learning the said subject. Anything visual to remember? Any smells, sounds, feels, or tastes to remember? Remembering these can create a link to what you learned. 


learning hacks

#4: Pleasure helps you learn! We’re not suggesting anything overboard that may damage your health. Find a non health-hazardous way to trigger pleasure, this can be from exercising, healthy tasty food, music, laughing, thinking positive thoughts, and being grateful for things you have!


learning hacks#5: Superlearning music such as slow baroque music without the fully accelerated system improved learning speeds by up to 24% and memory by 26%. You can learn more about this from a book called “Superlearning 2000”. 


learning hacks #6: Use positive affirmations. Tell yourself “I’m good at reading and won’t forget anything”. When you do this, you’re programming your subconscious mind to improve your memory. 


learning hacks

#7: Learn something visually, and in various different ways. Look at diagrams of certain subjects, look at visual examples, look at videos. Let your mind make sense of your subject in these different ways and it’ll stick like super glue!


burst learning

#8: Make it rhyme or make it funny. When you apply rhyming or comedy to a subject. It’ll also stick greatly!


learning hacks

#9: Create a “Subject house”, your subject house can be a mental image of all your knowledge in a single place. The house should have rooms for each subject or a unique piece of information. When creating the house and its rooms, it’s important to create a highly detailed mental image of each room, so again, you can link it to your thoughts easier. Use all of your senses to do this, Feel, visual, smell, taste, sound.


learning hacks#10: Eat well. There are too many blogs to name when it comes to eating good food to retain information better. Here are just some…

  • Fatty fish with Omega 3 fatty acids 
  • Coffee (Boosts your concentration)
  • Turmeric (You can even mix this with tea)
  • Blueberries
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Green tea (Boosts your brain function)


✅  Set your knowledge goals

✅  List all of the tools you’ll use to apply for rapid learning.

✅  Plan out ways to put your learning outcomes to use.

✅  Write out a routine dedicated to learning (Lots of research says morning time is the best to get studying/hardest tasks out of the way).

The Books to Upgrade Your Knowledge

learning hacks

Please Note: These books are affiliate links. We receive a small commission for each sale they get. However, these books were carefully picked and they can genuinely help you achieve life changing results.

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