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we make facebook ads like these...

goal driven

Your Facebook ads can be created to achieve the following… (We only use Facebook Business Manager and Facebook Ad Manager to create your ads).

  • Get Traffic
  • Page Likes
  • Video Views
  • Messages into Your Inbox
  • Promo Codes Distributed 
  • App Installs
  • Lead Forms Filled Out
  • Display Carousels of Products
  • Give Directions to Your Store
  • Event Responses & Phone Calls

where your faCEBOOK ads appear

  • Facebook Mobile & Desktop News Feeds
  • Instagram Mobile & Desktop News Feeds
  • Messenger Inboxes
  • Facebook & Instagram Story Feeds
  • In-stream Video & Video Feeds
  • Facebook Marketplace & Groups
  • Instant Articles
  • Audience Network (Sites & Apps Outside of Facebook

we use the best

formulas for effective

Facebook ads

advanced facebook advertising ireland
agency for digital marketing
agency for digital marketing

ad agency or full time hire


Access to expert specialists with an ROI focus. No long term commitment needed!

Expensive hire with low certainty of employee performance. Headache to replace.


Up to 50% cheaper while providing superior results! We don't outsource anything for our Facebook Marketing! Everything we do is in-house.

High employment costs, and costs for training, sick pay, pensions, legal, etc.

Most agencies = high prices, because they mix their overheads within their pricing. We don't do this!


C-Level KPI Development, Benchmarking, Reporting & Management. Your Facebook ads are in great hands!

Energy draining management process, involving multiple people and burning through valuable time.


Month to month contracts, pull the plug if you aren't happy with your ROI.

Bad hires can cost you months to even a year of your time. Leading to a slower uncertain ROI.


We have every step of the journey mastered. Never hurt your head again trying to figure out the next steps!

Full time staff can be time consuming due to commitment to train, educate and mentor and manage.


Our goal is to create numbered, ROI driven results for every client we work with. Every hour with us is used efficiently.

Does your employee really use up every one of their paid hours per week? Your Facebook marketing needs every hour to count!

facebook advertising agency


  • Facebook is the most popular social media network in existence

  • 80 Million+ SMB’s use Facebook Business Manager

  • 74% of Facebook’s users are high-income earners

  • Facebook reaches 60.6% of internet users

  • 57% of consumers say social media influences their shopping

Catch More Facebook Marketing Results!

Here are the powerful results Facebook PPC Advertising can get you.

Facebook Lead Gen ads are great for various types of businesses, leads can be passed onto your sales team or even stored in a database for future marketing plans.

Get your app downloaded by the right people, on the right devices.

Re-advertise and resell to people who already interacted or bought from you. To get your first sale, or up-sell a customer, ad frequency and touchpoints are key.

Looking to use Facebook ads for every stage of the customer journey? Our Facebook advertising agency can help you craft ads that will work with each of these stages.

Single ads/campaigns aimed at getting results. These can be attractive trackable offers that make you stand out.


advanced Facebook advertising


packages are matched with your business based on your goals and kpi's

Facebook PPC Advertising Pricing

Ad Core

€999/ 10 Hours Per Month

Ad Plus

€1999/ 24 Hours Per Month

Ad Ultimate

€3999/ 60 Hours Per Month

Dedicated Account Manager
Fast Setup
FREE Ad Graphics
FREE Copywriting
Audience Testing
Industry Research
Benchmarking & KPI Development
Analytics Tracking
Monthly Reports
Weekly Reports
Omni Strategy
Expert Consultancy

Next Steps



We will research the best possible advanced Facebook advertising plan for your brand. This research involves gathering data on what already works for businesses like yours.



This is where a plan of action will be created. The plan will involve putting together audiences to target, ad structure, scale up and scale down protocols, plus more!

Launch & Repeat

Launch & Repeat

Once your plan is ready we will set a launch date for your ads, this will involve testing out ads and repeating what works.

let's chat about your facebook ads...

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