Client overview

APEC (Athletic Performance Education Company) sell physical fitness courses and workshops for various education and experience levels. 

They also sell fitness equipment via their online store, and create educational content, such as eBooks & infographics.


APEC wanted to use Facebook campaigns to sell the following 

  • In-person courses & workshops
  • Online courses and eBooks
  • Physical fitness equipment

Spread awareness in target areas for upcoming courses & workshops.


We created in depth campaigns targeting various audiences including…

  • People who match the education level required
  • People who match the work experience level required 
  • People interested in getting started in fitness 

Each of these audiences had its own list of job titles, field of studies, and interests. This would ensure we target the right people and get our desired results.

1 x
ROI from selling courses & workshops with Facebook Advertising


Total Reach

Even more results

Hyper targeted landing page views as low as €0.17c with an average of €0.39

Costs per video engagement at €0.01

Some campaigns even having over a 8x ROI

Event responses for less than €0.90c