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Our chatbot marketing agency doesn’t just make messenger bots, we turn them into sales machines! It can pay for itself 😉 

facebook Messenger bot marketing

Messenger bots, also known as “Chat Bots”. Are an automated technology which integrates with your businesses website and Facebook page. We use ManyChat to create out bots. 

Once integrated, you can begin to build a list of people to message with your chatbot.

Chatbots can send your customers a series of messages through Facebook Messenger. The purpose of these messages is to drive results and meet your businesses goals. 

Chat bots are very popular right now because they average an open rate of 80%. The number of ways you can market to people is almost endless!

Facebook messenger bot marketing can save you massive money on advertising and customer service, here’s how…

With advertising, a customer generally needs to hear about your business 5-10 times to take an action. This costs you LOTS of money.

Wouldn’t you want to acquire your customer for as little budget as possible? Chat Bots do just this.

You can also automate your customer service. Chat bots can take your most common (or all) of your customers questions, concerns and objections, and automate answers for them when your customers get in touch! 

This is basically customer service on steroids! 


Chat Bots are universal, no matter your industry, budget or challenges. They’re designed to do things your general marketing and website activities do, except chat bots do them in a much more effective & quicker way! 

Some chatbot marketing examples are…

1. Lead generation bot that aims at setting automatic appointments your company while answering key customer questions. 

2. Placing orders. You can let a customer browse and ask questions about your product through messenger, just like a real store! 


How much are chat bots? 

Prices vary based on how much functionality and the frequency of activities you need to include with your chat bot. 

Keep scrolling to see our pricing (it starts at €300)

How long does it take to install?

Depending on how much you need. It can take 2-7 days to install. More advanced projects may take longer. 

What happens once its installed?

You have 2 options

  1. We can manage it for you, for a additional fee.
  2. We can quickly train you or provide instructions on how to manage, edit or make changes to your chat bot. 

What if something breaks?

If anything happens (Most likely won’t) we will fix anything needed, free of charge. We hate people who run off with their customers money, we will run after you with love!

Quick questions

Chatbot marketing agency

why facebook messenger bot marketing a smart investment

# 10
Seconds for a user to determine whether they like your website or not
0 %
of people on average open Facebook messages
10 %
Clickthrough rates are 20% vs email with an average of 1%
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Your cost per lead can be 30 times cheaper with Messenger

Advantages of Using Facebook Chat Bots

Be one step ahead of your competitors and do something they haven't discovered yet!

Use your chatbot to upsell or walk your potential customers into a smooth sale while addressing their key objections and informational needs.

Remarketing via advertising can be costly. Use chatbots to get back in touch with your customers and prospects for free! This will save you a massive amount on paid ads.

Chatbots will get you much better engagement than the likes of email and sms. Again, it's also free!

Getting your audience to "opt in" to your messenger list can be done. All you have to do is ask your audience to "comment" along with various other easy opt in points.

Showing your brand to customers and creating constant touch points has never been cheaper! Not to mention how a single investment can automate your customer service, saving you valuable time.


Most Popular Chat Bots

chatbot marketing examples...

chatbot marketing agency pricing

chatbot marketing agency
Chatbot Basic

Basic functionality aimed at a single goal

  • Home Menu With 3 Flows
  • Main Goal Flow
  • Automated FAQ (5 Questions)
  • Request Address & Contact Info
Choose This Package
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Chatbot Pro

Advanced tactics to drive results outside of messenger

  • All 3 Flows From Chatbot Basic
  • x2 Lead Magnets
  • FREE Email Marketing integration
Choose This Package
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Chatbot Ultimate

Go All in and cover everything! This will get you great results!

  • Everything From Basic & Pro
  • Landing page
  • 3 FB/IG Ad Campaigns
  • x3 FREE Ad Visuals
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Custom Package

For those who want to build a monster

    • Plan for building a complex bot that our packages doesn't cover.
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Add any of these to your custom or main packages

    • Chatbot Blast 
    • Email Blast
    • Integration
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Add-Ons #2

Add any of these to your custom or main packages

    • Custom Drip Campaign 
    • Extra Chatbot Flow
    • Custom Landing Page
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Next Steps

Choose Your Package

Choose Your Package

Once you choose your package, we'll be in touch to collect some quick bits of information from you.

We Build Your Chat Bot

We Build Your Chat Bot

Once we have the information we need. We'll create and install your chat bot.



We'll either show you how to manage your chat bot, or we can manage it for you. Don't worry, you won't get confused. It's a very straight forward process!

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