Client overview

Dub Monkey Garage are an automotive drifting team who build cars and teach the people everything about drifting. 


Dub Monkey Garage needed the following 

– To become a powerful authority in the “Drifting” niche

– Build a following on TikTok to sell products to and to use to attract sponsors

– A sustainable content plan to educate and provide practical value to their audience


We used our “Organic Mastery” plan to create a 90-day roadmap to achieve a target following of 10,000

We used our formula bank to quickly apply a proven-to-work strategy

Training was provided along with the development of the right brand tone to make Dub Monkey Garage stand out as a powerful authority

200 +
Followers in less than 2 weeks


1 days
to hit our goal of 10,000 followers